How To Add A New Car

1) Login

2) Hover mouse over “East West Classics” at top left, then over “New” then click “Post”.

3) Place what you want to be the title (I highly recommend “Year Make Model Trim”) in the topmost field

4) Upload images by clicking on the little camera (the first icon after the words “Upload/Insert” under the title you created in step 3.

4a) Once you’ve clicked the camera a window opens. Select the images you want for this vehicle in Windows Explorer and drag them to this window. The images will then upload. Or, you can select “Select Files” and a window will open where you can select them.

4b) Once the images have uploaded, click “Show” to the right of the one you want to be the image of the vehicle which appears on the front page of the website. Then click “Use as featured image” towards the center/bottom. Click “Save all changes”, then click “Insert gallery” at the bottom of the window.

5) You will see a box in the window where your photos will be. I recommend placing your text under the photos. To do this, you just need to get your cursor below the image box. Simply click to the right side of the image box and hit Enter on the keyboard to make a space under the photos.

6) Describe the car as much as possible, content is a good thing for search engines and users.

7) To the right side of the screen, select the category which represents the Make of the vehicle. If the make is not represented, click “Add new category”, type the name of the OEM (user proper capitalization) and click “Add New Category” (don’t select a “Parent Category”).

8) If you want the vehicle to appear in the “Featured” section of the front page, type “featured” in the “Tags” section below the categories and click “Add”. If the car you are adding is a model which you typically have one available for, or are very popular, add the name of the model to the Tags section as well (user proper capitalization for model names) and click “Add”.

8a) If it’s a muscle car, type “Muscle Car” in the Tags section and click “Add”.

9) Click the blue “Publish” button above the categories

How To Add/Remove A Car From “Featured”

1) Login

2) Go to the car you want to add or remove from the Featured section.

3) Click “edit” at the bottom of the post.

4) To add the car, in the Tags section type “featured” and click “Add. To remove, click the “x” by the tag “featured”.

5) Click the blue “Update” button above the Categories section.

How To Add A New Make To Navigation

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How To Add A New Model To Navigation

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